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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

...Keeps the nosebleed seats away!

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend a Twenty One Pilots concert in Sioux Falls with my boyfriend and a group of our friends! (If you haven't heard of Twenty One Pilots, check them out at in the video below!) As excited as I was to finally experience their live show, I was afraid I would need binoculars to even see them. We were in the nosebleed sections. Aka, the 'poor college student' seats.


However, after traipsing up to our seats, there were people sitting in what was supposed to be our seats. After trying to straighten the situation out, which they were being ever so difficult by the way, we finally decided to find an usher to help us out. We ran into not an usher, but the supervisor! The supervisor was really apologetic and offered us different seats, not promising them to be any closer to the stage; But at this point, could we really get any farther away? No. The answer was no. We graciously accepted the new tickets and hurried to take our new seats.

So as it turns out, our new seats were not just better than our old seats. THEY WERE AMAZINGLY BETTER. We went from section 312 in our nosebleed seats, to section 7!

                                                          View from our new seats!

I enjoyed every second of the three and a half hour concert. Granted, I would have enjoyed the concert from our nosebleed seats, but being so close made the experience so much better. (Added bonus: We didn't have to pay extra for the seat switch!) Plus, I didn't need to pull out the binoculars! So thankful for our good fortune that made the Twenty One Pilots concert a night I won't easily forget, and left me grinning from ear to ear the rest of the weekend.

A smile a day keeps the nosebleed seats away!


  1. Interesting video--and it's great that it worked out so well when others took your seats!